National maritime museum






Tianjing, PRC



As Cox China Affiliate, UrbanTect assists Cox Group to win the competition of National MaritimeMuseum project. In the planning of National Maritime Museum, the site is about 300,000, the investment is around RMB 2.8 Billion, and the project will be built as the first comprehensive and no-profit museum in a national level with the theme of ocean. With clear and powerful design in marine issues, it wins 3 awards in World Architecture Festival 2013.


The “Open” Design

The core concept is to create an “open” design for the whole plan. The interaction on the land and water space encourages visitors to make a discovery of the whole construction by themselves. The design concept is inspired by symbolism, functionality and connection with water, and the source of inspiration comes from the Jumping Fish (the carp leaping over the dragon gate), some moored boats at dock, an open palm as well as some kinds of marine organisms. These perfect curves inspires endless imaginations of marine elements for visitors.


Simple Circulation

Clear land use, flexible exhibition arrangement, variable visiting routes, various scales of exhibition space and simple circulation brings more marine experience.



According to the plan,NationalMaritimeMuseumlocates on aThemeOceanPark. The park will be built as one of the most impressive waterfront park in the world with a series ofOcean Square,MarineExhibitionGarden,MarineBotanical GardenandMuseumPark.



-        Natural lighting in the hall and parts of exhibition space

-        Optimizing facilities and efficient admin-system

-        Secure structure solutions to resist external forces and general disasters

-        Energy saving design in acoustics system, lighting system and AC system

-        Corrosion resistant and dustproof features in Curtain system




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